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Counselor's Corner




Winnie Welch 


Fourth and Fifth Grades Counselor


                                             Laying foundations for our

                                             youth to grow and fill the

                                             positions of next generations'

                                             citizens , parents, and business



Open Door Policy

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

Conferences With Parents and Teachers

Aid in Testing

In Charge of Students' Records



Help students to develop healthy perceptions of themselves; to believe in their competences and abilities to learn.


Collaborate with teachers and other educators.


Create individual plans for students needing more assistance with development.


Help parents to understand what kind of home environment will bests help the child to succeed by using intervention tactics and individual and group counseling.



            I received a composite degree in English,

           Social Studies, and Business Education

           from Henderson State University.  I taught

           in all fields of my composite before becoming

           a counselor.  I have been a counselor for 28